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A better future for all

We advocate for sustainable development through disruptive design

We are a self-initiated group of passionate designers with environmental concerns as our primary target. We are committed to exploring uncharted territories to define and develop unconventional resolutions for what matters most, a better and more sustainable future for all.

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We stand strong for the environment

We are an interconnected network of disruptive designers. We explore technological advancement when we see the potential for socio-environmental impact. Using UN SDG as our guideline, we are working on initiatives that would add value to our present and would shape part of our future. At Morphotect, we are currently focused on four major initiatives:

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Sustainable Refugee Camps

Mars Colonization

Into the Wild: Conscious Engagement

Digital Twin

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We promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in our self-defined projects. To achieve UNDP visions, we seek partners and collaborators on a global scale.

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Sustainable Refugee Camps

Refugee camps are intended to be temporary accommodations for displaced people because of a disaster, natural or otherwise. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, 2.6 million refugees live in camps, with millions more in urban and informal spaces. Many are likely to remain refugees for over two decades. Temporary solutions have become the only available resource, lowering the living standards for refugees.

At Morphotect we are committed to envisioning a better future for people who are forced to flee from their homes and live in refugee camps.


Mars Colonization

Mars is the potential new habitat for humans. A place where the human race sees as their next planetary home. Mars colonization is not just an achievement made possible by technological advancements but is a step forward for humankind to envision even greater steps in the future.

At Morphotect, we are trying to set the basis for the new lifestyle on the new planet. We are neither limited to our old habits, nor to the limitation of possibilities. For us, it’s all about learning from the past, and envisioning the future.

Into the Wild: Conscious Engagement

Zoos cannot be perfect habitats for animals in captivity. Animals in zoos are experiencing a lower quality of life as they are kept in small, enclosed spaces, and are deprived of their natural social structure and companionship. As a result, animals show abnormal behaviour such as self-mutilation, eating disorders, and stress behaviours such as pacing, neck twisting, or rocking back and forth or zoochosis.

Morphotect envisions a future where animals are given the rights they are born with: the right to exist and to live in freedom in their natural habitat and within the proper social structure.


Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical entity. The constant stream of data allows the digital twin to coexist simultaneously with the physical entity. The efficiency of the digital twin is validated through a real-time system of sensors and controllers. Digital twins are commonly used to understand the dynamic nature of complex systems such as aircraft engines and wind turbines. The sensory data allows real-time monitoring of these systems and this develops a level of efficiency that was not accessible before.

At Morphotect, we are focused on the development and applications of digital twins to understand the most complicated systems: social structures and human interfaces.

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