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Digital Twin

Digital Twin: Headliner
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Digital Twin concept represents the convergence of the physical world and the virtual world. The Digital Twin provides us with the ability to analyze complex systems in real-time. The sync between the physical entity and its replica is made possible via the integration of sensors into the physical entity. The widespread of new generations of sensors which are cheap, inclusive and accessible made the Digital Twin applications more common and cost-effective. The collected data along with AI algorithms would also reveal the behavioural pattern of such complex systems. Converged with AI algorithms, Digital Twin could also represent systems behavioural and become an experimental lab to understand the impacts of any decision on the virtual model prior to implementation on the actual entity.

At Morphotect we explore opportunities to utilize Digital Twin concept to understand and analyze most complicated systems of all, social systems. At 2018 we explored the feasibility of applying Digital Twin concept to create a better understanding of kids. We published our approach as a  research paper, “Understanding Kid’s Digital Twin” in International Conference on Information & Knowledge Engineering - (WORLDCOMP’18/IKE2018) USA. We are also utilizing Digital Twins to understand building systems in our sustainable refugee camp initiative, in biometric data modelling of the users in our Mars colonization initiative and also in wildlife’s behavioural pattern modelling in our Into the Wild-Conscious Engagement Initiative.

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Digital Twin: Features
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