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Intelligent Self-Heal Technology (ISHT)

Intelligent Self-Heal Technology (ISHT): Headliner

The “Intelligent Self Heal Technology” (ISHT) is a Digital Twin’s sub-initiative focused on the detection and control of craving states through machine learning models of emotion and brain stimulation technology in users with addictive behaviour.

Our product targets this problem by using technology that can detect and suppress craving states. “Intelligent Self-Heal Technology” (ISHT) includes a wearable wristband, a headset that incorporates two brain stimulation electrodes and a phone app. We use physiological measures including skin conductance response and body temperature, and environmental factors such as the physical location that are obtained by the wristband to inform models that predict if individuals are at craving states. These models are trained based on a general database and are personalized for each individual. Upon detection of craving states, users will receive a message on their phone which gives them the option of trying transcranial electrical stimulation to help them control the cravings. 

 Our unique headset streams music directly to the head, maintaining an ultra quality of sound without cutting off the user from the environment and is the host for the tES electrodes. The headset is designed to be part of user’s daily life which is always accessible in case of need.

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Intelligent Self-Heal Technology (ISHT): Features
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