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NexoPedestrian: Headliner

NexoPedestrian is the next generation of user oriented, AI driven, generative and circular approach to bridge design. It is a design philosophy that is focused on defining design principles of an infrastructure based on real time user/pedestrian experience. NexoPedestrian is using a multilateral survey to collect users/pedestrians data of their criteria for the future bridge. In this approach, the design data is shaped from the users/pedestrians and their experience.

The collected data is processed and shapes a digital twin of the bridge’s users/pedestrians and their preferred design criteria and renders user/pedestrian personas generated by AI. Generative design tools and algorithms work hand in hand with AI to turn the behavioral data into bridge structure iterations. Circular design is also merged to the DNA of the process allowing the bridge to adapt to ever changing nature of the users/pedestrians with minimum impact on the carbon foot print of the structure.

NexoPedestrian: Features

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NexoPedestrian: Features
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