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Mars Colonization

Mars Colonization: Headliner

Mars colonization is no longer a visionary target but is a scheduled milestone in human history followed by actionable work plans. Humans’ physical interface “e.g. the furniture” is to be redefined in the shape of a smart and human-centred designed product. This approach would ensure that humans’ health and performance is maintained in the new context. Direct communication of streaming data between humans’ body (biometric data) and the environmental objects (IoT of furniture) would shape a real-time database. This database will then be used to analyze humans physical well being and to define design criteria for the environmental objects.

At Morphotect we are focused to shape the foundation of creating such a database. We have initiated research projects that would help us to better understand the human’s body responds to external stimuli. These researches aim to reveal the principles of real-time user experience by utilizing a constant stream of biometric data, extracted from individual users. The extracted data would define a collaboration platform for designers and neurocognitive scientists to develop a new approach to the basis of design for virtual/physical human interfaces.

We aim to explore the design basis standards directly projected from the human’s emotional and physiological responses to its environment. In the new context of a lower gravity “e.g. planet Mars”, we are not obliged to inherit generations of designs and wait for “natural selection”. We are to explore new opportunities made feasible by technological advancements. We have initiated our first pilot project “The Extension” as a result of such methodology. “The Extension” is a first of its own kind chair that is shaped using generative design principles and is to create a real-time bond between the user and the chair. We apply a digital twin to the chair to get a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected system of the chair and the user.


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Mars Colonization: Features
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