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Into the Wild: Conscious Engagement

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Zoos are promoting the concept that taking away the freedom of a live soul is acceptable if it is for entertainment purpose. All the arguments in favour of zoos are falsely justifying our acts as humans to violate animal rights in benefit of our own pleasure. The educational purpose of the zoos is absolutely irrelevant as what is on display in zoos (in any shape of a cage) is not the real animal in regard to its natural behaviour. Animals behavioural patterns in captivity are not similar to theirs in their natural habitat. Simply put, what is on display is a mere anatomical reflection of the animal and nothing more. Breeding programs for endangered species are also failing, as the majority of these programs do not release animals back into the wild. Instead, selling them to other zoos, circus and even hunting facilities.

At Morphotect we believe in animals right. We believe we as humans are not the only one with inherited rights for freedom. We also believe wild animals should have their own fair share of the planet and the right to live in their natural habitat. We advocate for all the above and we are committed to creating global initiatives that would revolutionize wild animals lives in zoo facilities. We are utilizing disruptive technologies to redefine humans interaction with wild animals.

Our proposal develops a platform where augmented reality, IoT and the real-time data stream from 360 cameras and robotics, define a new vision for humans interaction with wild animals. In our approach, humans are only to observe wild animals in their natural habitat. A real-time data stream generated from remote cameras would provide a real-time stream of animals wildlife in their true natural environment. In this scenario, humans are observant without with no intervention. We eliminate huge investments for fake and inefficient replicas of wildlife in form of zoos and suggest this capital to be invested in the natural wildlife preservation programs. At Morphotect we envision zoos only as empty shells that provide and support the interface facility. We also would be able to play a significant role in monitoring environmental factors (e.g. global warming) to create a real-time comprehensive database through a global virtual network of observers.

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