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Kid’s stress monitoring - DigiNanny App

DigiNanny: Headliner
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The outbreak of COVID-19 showed a significant impact on kids’ mental health. Kids are facing deep challenges that changed their ordinary lives and forced them with physical and non-physical barriers. They have missed their friends, face-to-face time and their social interactions that shaped a good portion of their day to day activities.

Parents’ mental health is also challenged by a number of factors including but not limited to the financial concerns, employment uncertainty and disruption of their ordinary life. They have also unwillingly been assigned to take constant care of their kids. Affected by all the factors, parents’ anxiety would have a direct impact on kids’ stress levels and hence their mental health.

DigiNanny is a resource management app designed to provide kids and their parents with required and available development resources. DigiNanny has developed a platform where kids could virtually connect to their friends and have mutual activities. 

We have partnered with DigiNanny to introduce the stress monitoring function for kids and parents to their app. We utilized our digital, analysis and pattern recognition capabilities and are working closely with DigiNany developers to establish a user-friendly self-report data collection process using their existing platform that would enable parents to be cognitive of their own anxiety and their kids’ stress level and furthermore to be connected to available stress management resources.

DigiNanny: Features

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DigiNanny: Features
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