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COVID-19: Headliner

At Morphotect Design Group, it is our mission to focus all our passion and commitment toward a better life for all. From the very beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we realized the significant impact of the pandemic on our lives and our communities. We recognized that responding to this crisis with all our intellect and available resources is not only a social responsibility but is why Morphotect came to existence in the first place.

We initiated a task force to explore how we, as a family of creative minds with laser focus dedication, could support our communities in such a crisis. We identified three initiatives and those of us who could contribute to these initiatives were immediately asked to put a hold on our other projects to join the COVID-19 task force. This was a critical and financially challenging decision for all of us but the decision also re-established our core principle, “a better future for all”. 

Morphotect Design Group is supporting the following three initiatives to actively engage with the global movements to respond to COVID-19 crisis:

  • Smart Early Diagnosis Symptom Recognition (SEDSR)

  • Quarantine-caused stress monitoring digital application for kids and their parents (Partnership with DigiNanny App)

  • Disinfecting electrolyzed water generator (Ballect)

We are also conducting research on the COVID-19 spread in disaster camps and post COVID-19 environmental design requirements.

COVID-19: Features
COVID-19: Features
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