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Disinfecting electrolyzed water generator (Ballect)

Ballect: Headliner
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The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the use of surface disinfecting substances. With the rise of the need for sterilizing the surfaces that people are in touch with, also came the shortage of the available disinfectants. We at Morphotect Design Group supported an initiative within our product design team with the focus on providing the ability for every household to produce their own required and unlimited supply of disinfectant substances. The design team was to create a user-friendly product that utilizes available materials to everyone and to be capable of producing the disinfectant that is efficient.

Ballect is the result of an innovative, artistic and functional approach to product design. Ballect is an automated electrolyzed water generator that utilizes salt, water and electricity to create a highly effective disinfectant (Sodium Chloride). The disinfectant solution could be directly sprayed on the surfaces and with the substances used in the process -salt and water-, it would address the shortage crisis in the disinfectant materials efficiently.

The design team showed an extraordinary commitment to the design and testing process of the Ballect to reduce the design and pre-production time due to the urgency of the situation.

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Ballect: Features

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Ballect: Features
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